Theresa Singleton
Grandfather Lee & the Bees by Theresa Singleton

Take a journey with Grandfather Lee as he searches, finds, and
attempts to steal honey from the Louisiana state bug, the
honeybee. Does Grandfather Lee get the honey, or do the
honeybees get Grandfather Lee? After the adventure, dance with
the honeybees and have a buzzing good time!
Theresa Singleton, author of Grandfather Lee & the Bees
Theresa Newport Singleton lives in Lafayette, Louisiana, with her husband, Eric, and children, Terese Elaine and Eric, Jr.  
She is employed as a high school librarian and has completed 25 years in the education of children.   She received her
undergraduate degree from Dillard University in New Orleans , Louisiana .  Her graduate work in Library Science was
completed at Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia .  She enjoys writing Christian lyrics, poetry, and children’s stories and
songs. She has recorded music professionally, and now she is happy to have published one of her father’s stories for
children of all ages to enjoy.  Learn more about Theresa by visiting
Zydeco Zoom by Theresa Singleton

Come experience the musical style of Louisiana’s own, two-
stepping Zydeco. As Zerick makes his first appearance on stage,
he is nervous to the bone. Read to find out how he calms himself
and thrills his listeners with his accordion playing. The sounds of
Zydeco Zoom will keep your feet moving to that rhythmic beat.
Come on and do the Zydeco Zoom!     B &
Pierre's Empty Pouch by Theresa Newport Singleton

Pierre le Bon is an Eastern Brown Pelican growing up in sunny
Louisiana. He is getting older, too old to be fed by his loving
parents. On a beautiful morning, Pierre ventures out to catch his
own meal of savory fish. Pierre is so excited; he sings in flight. Will
he get to taste delicious herring, anchovies, and minnows? Read
and find out what Pierre encounters, what he learns, and why this
eventful day will always be remembered.     B &