N.D. Skerwarski
Join Freddy Freckles on a journey around the globe.  In this book, you will
view beautiful photography, find wonderful Illustrations, read 25 different
stories, recognize alphabetical patterns, travel to many countries, see many
different flags, meet lots of new friends, discover all kinds of animals, say
“hello” in many languages, be introduced to different cultures, study a little
geography, learn a little history, brush up on your artistic skills, practice a
little math and counting, and develop many positive character traits.
Byte Me by N.D. Skerwarski
Chip is a little memory card who lives with his parents in computer land. He is
not a happy camper and complains constantly about his lot in life. Finally he
decides to run away from home and his adventure begins.
He meets all kinds of strange programs and hardware as he travels farther from
home and comes across all kinds of weird places that he never knew existed.
But soon he finds himself in grave danger.
Byte Me combines computer terminology with real life moral lessons. So join
Chip on his journey as he not only discovers himself, but quickly learns that the
motherboard is not always greener on the other side. More importantly, he
learns to appreciate what he has in life and finally understands the true meaning
of friendship.