Dianna M. Skidmore
Can You Be Like Me? by Dianna M. Skidmore

When wise old Mr. Owl tells Tobias Turtle that he should
not play with his best friend Drake Duck because they
have nothing in common, the two friends set off to prove
him wrong.  They have some fun and a few disasters
before they find the answer!
Dianna M. Skidmore was born and raised in northeast Ohio where she
still resides with her husband, and their three dogs.  In February of 2011
she found her job suddenly “downsized” and for the first time in 31 years
she was unemployed.  A graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature
and former creative writing student at Youngstown State University, she
decided to take this opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream and write children’
s books.  

Using her grandchildren as inspiration the “Can You Be Like Me?” book is
a fun lesson for all children to look deeper within themselves and others
to find things they have in common with friends.  We don’t have to look
alike to be alike!

She hopes that you will like this story with a lesson and future “Can You
Be” books featuring Tobias Turtle & Drake Duck.  She is also working on a
series of Bible lesson books called “Rainy Day Warriors in God’s Army”.

email:  diannawrites@yahoo.com