Krissy Smith
Krissy Smith lives in a small town in Upstate New York with her husband and five young children. Her
love of books began at a very early age. Krissy has always had a particular fondness for books written in
verse.  As a child, she delighted in Dr. Suess’s lyrical tongue-twisters and it inspired her to begin her
own journey as a writer.  Words constantly whirled in Krissy’s head until they made their way to paper,
usually telling a quaint little tale in rhyme.  As she grew older and began a family of her own her writing
was set aside for a short time, while she immersed herself in the most important and
satisfying role in her life.... being a mother.  
Jingles is an enchanting tale of a jolly little elf who magically
appears on the first day of December, to embark upon a delightful
adventure with your family! While Santa is working extra hard at
the North Pole to prepare for Christmas, Jingles has been sent
out on an extra special mission! Working as Santa’s assistant,
Jingles keeps track of all of the things you do and reports them to
Santa.  Every night, this playful elf will hide someplace new and
wait for you to come and find him in the morning! This thrilling
hide and seek adventure continues until Santa picks him up on
the night of the big ride, and takes him back to the North Pole.  
Jingles will wait anxiously to return to you, year after year, to begin
your journey once again! Included in Jingles, is a family fun
section with activities and recipes sure to delight children of all
ages! Jingles is an innovative tale written with a rhythmical flair
sure to capture the heart’s of all!
To order you copy of Jingles along with the 6" plush elf visit