Gail Smith
The Tails of Sweet Day Farms: There’s A Pig in My Kitchen &
There’s a Horse On My Porch
by Gail Smith

Nothing is impossible on Sweet Day Farms. It's the most
wonderful kooky place where a grandmother doesn't bat an eye at
The Pig in the Kitchen or The Horse on the Porch. These are
hilariously true rhyming stories of what can happen when a
grandmother opens the door to all things possible and sees the
funny side of life through the eyes of her grandsons. These stories
are full of wacky humor about the unique place we call home.
Gail Smith lives on a small farm in Middleburg, Florida with
her husband and wonderfully silly animals.She enjoys
spending time with her grandchildren planting gardens,
feeding the chickens and doing other fun farm chores. The
animals and grandchildren are the inspiration for these silly
stories about what happens at Sweet Day Farms.Gail's
ultimate dream is to start a hands-on teaching farm for
children. There are more tails to come...