Jon Sniderman
PETER PILLOW by Jon Sniderman    
Do you have a favorite pillow?  The kids in this book sure
do.  His name is Peter and he's an overly emotional,
animated pillow.  He loves to be fluffed and folded and he
loves to watch over the kids while they sleep.  But one night
the kids don't come to bed.  Where could they be?  Will they
ever show up or will Peter be forced to sleep alone?
Grandpa (G’pa) Sniderman is grandfather of 10 grandchildren, and one on the
way. G’pa’s creative mind has been at work since his 3 children were little. He has
churned out stories that have entertained his children and now his grandchildren,
family and friends. After retiring in 01/2008 the culmination of his imagination was
celebrated when his originally written 1976 story of Peter Pillow was published in
02/2009. In addition G’pa has been hard at work producing 141 episodes and
counting of The Adventures of Kitty Wappis. G'pa lives in Southeast Michigan with
his wife Fran and their hostile cat Tabitha.
The Adventures of Kitty Wappis by Jon Sniderman    
"The Adventures of Kitty Wappis consists of 28 different adventures
with full page illustrations and many activity pages. It is sure to delight
kids of all ages! Kitty Wappis is a very strange kitty cat. He is a Feline
Karate Exalted Grand Master Champion. He taught himself to play the
rare three-ba! musical instrument! He reads books, scientific journals,
and newspapers. He does crossword and jigsaw puzzles lickety split!
Sometimes, when he walks upright, his upper torso leans to the right,
then leans to the left; his tail swishes everywhere and you’d think that
he would just fall over! He is one of the world’s best dreamers, too!
Join him and find out in all his purr-fect adventures."