Holli Snyder
Do I Have to Go to School Today? by Holli Snyder

Like any typical 7-year old boy, Trevor is less than thrilled
with the idea of spending his day at school.  Unfortunately
for him, school is not an option and he reluctantly prepares
himself for yet another boring day of learning.  Once at
school he is met with good news from friends, a new class
room pet and many other exciting experiences.  Nobody is
more surprised than Trevor when he realizes that school is
fun and being forced to attend actually isn’t as bad as it
Holli Snyder was born and raised in rural Nebraska .  Shortly
after graduation she moved to Denver and enjoyed living in
the city with her husband for about 10 years until they
decided to move home and raise their family.  Together they
are raising three very active children who are involved in
sports, church and many family activities.  

Holli has enjoyed reading since she was a girl and is still an
avid reader today.  The importance of encouraging a love of
reading in their children is a priority for her and her husband
and they share in the joy of reading with their children
nightly.  Her children are the inspiration for her books and
she hopes you enjoy reading them and sharing them with
your families.  Books can offer an escape into a world of
make believe, they can spur a desire to learn about new
things, and bring comfort in a time of need – Enjoy Reading.