J. B. Spector
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The Mer-Prince Adventures - Book 1: The Sunlit Curse
by J. B. Spector

When twelve-year-old Prince Thomas de Thorodan gets magically
whisked away to a strange new land, he has three things on his
mind: Break the curse, find a way home… and don’t drown!

As prince of Astaleth and the only son of King Reginald and
Queen Arabella, Thomas never wanted for anything. But then
Thomas’s world turns upside down, literally. Thomas becomes
cursed by a spell that changes him into a merboy during the day
and back into a human at night. With his new tail and fins, he
must adapt to his new body and his new life under the sea while
at the same time trying to get home.

Experience the dangers with Thomas as he encounters sharks,
fishing nets, and intolerant merfolk. How will he break this curse?
How will he get home? And how will he save the ones he loves
without abandoning this amazing new world beneath the waves?
Jason Spector is a pediatric physical therapist specializing in
school-based treatment for children with developmental delays. He
has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Temple University and
works with students of varying diagnoses. Working with children
every day has helped Jason channel a child's wonder and outlook
on life into creating the dual worlds that appear in his book, The
Sunlit Curse.  Jason lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania with his wife, Jennifer, and six-year-old son, Ethan,
who bring him joy on a daily basis. Jason also enjoys singing and
has performed in mixed and barbershop choruses on stages such
as the Bell Centre in Montreal, Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh,
and stadiums including Fenway Park and Citizens Bank Park.

You can follow Jason on Twitter at twitter.com/thesunlitcurse or on
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thesunlitcurse.

You can also email Jason at thesunlitcurse@gmail.com