Natalie Starfish
Starfish loves to Read  by Natalie Starfish

Join Starfish, Woody the Dog, and Taffy the Genius Cat on daring
adventures inside chapter books. Each turn of the page brings you
into another book, and another and another.

Together we laugh out loud, howl at the moon, roost in treasure
trees, feel the winds of the world in our hair (or fur), and much more.
This book engages readers at a fun and friendly level to bring a joy
of reading and a hunger to read more. It even encourages us to

Discover or rediscover those books you can taste with all your
senses and forever cherish in your heart.
Starfish Loves to Read is a delightful "read it again please" book for
ages 4 to 8 and for "kids at heart" ages 24 to 107.
Kimberly Chiaris - illustrator for Starfish loves to Read

Kimberly Chiaris developed a love for art from an early age. As a young adult
she completed her Bachelors of Fine Art with major in Photography and minor
in Painting and Drawing. She has been creating photographs as an art form her
entire adult life. She began with traditional black and white film and now has
added Photoshop and digital photography to her arsenal of tools. Compositing
several images into one in Photoshop has given her the ability to illustrate this
book as well as many other creative projects.

Kimberly lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband, Micheal who is an artist
as well as a Creative Arts Pastor at their church. She has three very talented
adult children who are also pursuing visual art and music.

Natalie Starfish and Kimberly Chiaris have been friends from childhood.
Although they no longer live in the same state, they have always encouraged
each other in creative mischief and other adventures of life. This is their first
collaborative project. May there be many more!
Natalie Starfish is the President and Storyteller of Storytime With Starfish. She
reads children's books aloud in an online Storytime.

Reading children's books have naturally lead her into writing children's books
too. Her first book, "Starfish Loves to Read", inspires young readers to
develop a hunger for chapter books and also squeaks in on the last page an
encouragement to write as well.

Natalie believes books are unlimited in where they can take your
imagination.  She says children's books with their simplicity have stayed in
our hearts.

She credits literacy is the tool to end poverty. And she fully appreciates the
adage, "Readers are Leaders".
The Alphabet According to Starfish  by Natalie Starfish

Combine the wacky words of the gorgeous Starfish with the creative
colors of the talented Shishir and you’ll find yourself smack in the
middle this fun and friendly alphabet. Starfish resides in Phoenix,
Arizona, a place known for developing extra-dry humor. Shishir hails
12 1/2 hours away and 180 degrees on the other side of the world
from Starfish in the enchanting city of Mumbai, India.

This adorable book stretches imaginations while having fun with the
simple joy of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Inside you’ll find a
quivering quail, a pair of off-key Ostriches, and even some tasty
looking frozen flies... yum! All this magic is wrapped up in a silly
Starfish story. A giggle, snicker, guffaw, and laugh out loud book
sure to tickle funny bones all over the world.

The Alphabet According to Starfish is an International sensation for
ages 3 to 5 and for "kids at heart" ages 24 to 107.

Hey, wait a minute... That noodle on the "N" page looks like an "N".
Are the letters actually hidden in each of the drawings?
Shishir Naik - Illustrator for The Alphabet According to Starfish

Shishir Naik grew up a huge fan of animation and cartoons. He worked for a
successful animation studio in all the areas of animation from the creative
pre-production design, character development, storyboarding, 2D animation
and the highly technical 3D animation. He also worked on the animation
block-buster in India called, "Hanuman" in several different departments.
This was the first full length animated feature film completely made within

Shishir lives in Mumbai, India where he graduated from the prestigious art
school, Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He is
currently an independent contractor to the animation industry. He
concentrates on the area of animation he most loves and which utilizes his
wonderful creative artistic skills; designing, character development, concept
art, storyboards and illustrations.
Shelby's Unbirthday  by Natalie Starfish

Is it possible to have fun and get a task done? Yes it is! Shelby and
her Mama can show you how.
Come join Shelby, Woody the Dog, Taffy the Genius Cat, and her
Mama in an ordinary day, they make into an extraordinary day.
This creative book is also a
Seek and Find book, unless of course you are a dog. And for dogs,
this is a sniff and find book.
Another magical invention from author Natalie Starfish and
illustrator Shishir Naik.     B &