Susan D. Stein
Nicki and the Groundhogs by Susan D. Stein    

Nicki, a cute, little cock-a-poo dog, lives in the country with lots
of wild animals. She likes to sit high up on her deck and watch
the groundhogs move slowly throughout her huge backyard.
Since Nicki is afraid of these funny looking creatures, she
chases them into their numerous holes whenever she gets
the opportunity. Through Nicki’s adventures, she gets to know
the groundhogs and becomes friends with them.

This story was inspired by actual events from Nicki, Susan’s
cock-a-poo dog.
Kayla Goes to College in Her Yellow Keppie Hat
by Susan D. Stein

This is the second book in the Nicki and Kayla series.

In this story, Nicki’s sister, Kayla, a cute sable-colored cock-a-
poo dog, loves to go for rides in the car. When one of the
children, Lauren, goes to college for the first time, the family
takes a road trip; and Kayla comes along wearing her yellow
keppie hat.

This story was inspired by actual events from Kayla, Susan’s
cock-a-poo dog.
Susan has always enjoyed writing.  When she was in school, she loved to write themes every Friday.  All the other kids would
moan when given the assignment, but Susan couldn’t wait to get started.  

Susan spent ten years working at Westinghouse Credit Corporation and left to open her own business, “Naked Furniture,” an
unfinished furniture franchise.  Susan taught her employees and customers how to finish furniture right on the sales floor.  
Susan became highly allergic to petrochemicals (stains and polyurethanes) from spending so much time in an unventilated
area.  After three years of working eleven hours a day, six days a week, Susan had to sell her store.

After a couple months of recuperating, Susan and her husband started a family.  She kept daily journals for both of her
daughters from the time she was pregnant until they were teenagers.  

Over the years, Susan wrote and edited both professionally and personally.  In fact, she wrote “Nicki and the Groundhogs”
when her daughters were very young.  When Lauren, her younger daughter, was in kindergarten, Susan took Nicki to school
and read “Nicki and the Groundhogs” to Lauren’s class for parent show-and-tell day, which was a big success.

Susan loves to read and write and enjoys crafts in her spare time.