Carrie Steinweg
Old 104 Rides Again by Carrie Steinweg    

Old 104 is an antique fire engine who wants nothing more
than to be able to race to a fire again. Because he’s been
restored, he is stuck inside a garage watching all the new
engines and trucks do all the work. He enjoys being admired
at parades and special events, but one summer day he finally
gets the chance to show what he can do.
Carrie Steinweg is a freelance writer, author, blogger and
photographer in the Chicago suburbs where she lives with her
husband and five sons. Her work has appeared in more than two
dozen print and online publications. She is a regular
correspondent and columnist for the Northwest Indiana Times.

She is the author of three historical titles, Images of America:
Lansing, Illinois, Images of America: South Holland, Illinois and
Legendary Locals of Lansing from Arcadia Publishing. She is
also the author of Mom Moments: A compilation of columns from
the Northwest Indiana Times.

Carrie’s first children’s book was also published by Mirror
Publishing, titled Old 104 Rides Again. She is very excited to
have collaborated with her good friend, Michelle Krisik Brown, on
illustrations for her newest children’s book, Into the Night.

Carrie is a foodie who thoroughly enjoys trying new restaurants
and recipes and photographing and blogging about them at
Chicago Foodie Sisters - She
enjoys traveling with her family and blogging about her
adventures at Midwest Family Traveler - www. She also blogs about
parenting at Adventures in Motherhood - www.carriemotherhood.

Like her Facebook pages – “Chicago Foodie Sisters,” “Mom
Moments” and “Midwest Family Traveler.” Follow her on Twitter at and on Instagram at “Chicago Foodie
Sisters.” Read more at Carrie’s website, www.carriesteinweg.
Into the Night by Carrie Steinweg    

Who goes out into the night? As we lay down our heads, the
day is just beginning for many other creatures. Follow along to
learn about some of the animals and insects that sleep when
we are awake and then come out when the sun goes down in
this charming, rhyming story of nocturnal creatures, both scary
and sweet.