Diane Stinson
Nice Words Matter by Diane Stinson
Meet best friends Sophie and Jack.  One day Jack
inadvertently hurts Sophie with one word.  Jack didn't even
realize he used a word that would hurt and didn't
understand why Sophie was upset.

Sophie speaks with her father to discuss how she feels,
including a boo boo on her heart.  Sophie's dad explains
the power of a misused word.

Sophie's dad talks with Jack and lets him know he hurt
Sophie and explains how words can sometimes hurt a
friend's feelings.

Jack, on his own, finds a way to apologize to Sophie and
at the same time saves and nurtures their friendship.
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This is Diane's first children's book. She has written many blog
posts and articles and has had a passion for writing for as long as
she can remember.

She currently lives in the New England area with her husband and
enjoys spending time with her daughter & son-in-law, son &
daughter-in-law, granddaughter and granddog.

Her hope is that this book will help curb bullying, teasing and
taunting by letting children know, before they are faced with peer
pressure, the feeling of hurt that can come from one word.