Barbara Even Streif
I Love, Love, Love to Read, Read, Reqad
by Barbara Even Streif

Have you ever realized how much fun reading books
can be?  Meet this happy young girl who can turn any
place into a perfectly, exciting adventure!  

She believes that books can open up a whole world of
delightful experiences.  And because she thinks
reading is so much fun, she wants to share her love of
books with you!     B &
Barbara has lived in Iowa all of her life and has always had a
lifelong love of reading. This is her first published book. For the
last nineteen years, she has been reading to her "kids" as a
childcare provider. Barbara is married to her husband and has
two grown children of her own. She currently has one
grandchild and one on the way.
Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, Or Does It?
by Bar
bara Even Streif

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a money tree in your

Join this curious girl as she tries to find out the truth.

Can money grow on trees?     B &
Molly on the Move  by Barbara Even Streif

It is time to move again and Molly is not happy about it.

How would you feel if you had to move to a new place
and you had to start all over again making new friends?

See how big-hearted Molly handles this problem in her
own special way.     B &