J. B. Struzzi II
J B. Struzzi II, author of The Christmas Secret and Jacob’s Haunting
From grocery store clerk to factory worker to lead singer in the famed 80s metal band
Genghis Khan to eventually an award winning journalist, J.B. Struzzi II has led an eclectic
life over his 42 years. His wealth of personal experience, human insight, and dedication
to quality writing create stories that carry the reader through adventurous magical
journeys, dimensional characters and life changing epiphanies. Jacob’s Haunting and
The Christmas Secret will engross readers in page-turning plots and suspenseful
scenes that will be remembered and cherished. Struzzi is a graduate of the University of
Pittsburgh earning a degree in English writing. He is currently the Pittsburgh regional
spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Struzzi lives in
Bridgeville, PA, with his wife and four children.   

J.B. Struzzi II continues to write passionately, recently completing The Last Disciple, the
first book in The Children of Chaos series. He hopes to publish The Last Disciple in the
next two years.   

Please feel free to contact Struzzi at jbstruzzi@hotmail.com or 412-319-7907 for book
signings, interviews, appearances and other promotions.

The Christmas Secret by J.B. Struzzi II     
What if you could have anything you wanted for Christmas?  Seven-year old Josh
Miller has prepared quite a wish list for December 25 and believes he knows the
secret of Christmas.  But when Josh learns that his father lost his job at the mill
and presents won’t be as plentiful under the tree this year, he doesn’t want
anything to do with the holidays. Josh refuses to believe Christmas will be
anything but awful, despite his parent’s efforts to convince him family is more
important than presents.

The Christmas Secret is praised by young readers, parents and school teachers
as a great book for families during these trying economic times. It may be hard for
children and young adults to accept that presents may not be as plentiful under
the tree this holiday season. The endearing story set in Western Pennsylvania
teaches us to remember the true purpose of Christmas and the importance of
family during the holidays, a much-needed lesson for the young and old in today’s
harsh, fast-paced, materialistic world. But the storyline is also infused with magic,
intrigue and surprise keeping both young and adult readers glued to the pages.
The Christmas Secret is a story that affects and influences people’s lives; an
instant classic that many will cherish year after year.
Jacob's Haunting by J.B. Struzzi II     
What if the dead never leave us?

Twelve-year old Jacob Mitchell recently lost his father to a roadside bomb in
Iraq. While Jake and his mother struggle to carry on with their daily lives and
keep their family together, strange things start to happen. Shadows fill the halls
of their home and Jake soon begins to hear voices and see ghostly images of
a girl in the attic windows of the house across the street. Mentally, Jake knows
he’s having trouble coping with the loss of his father, questioning his own
sanity, and as if he doesn’t have enough problems to overcome, the school
bully and his cohorts have him pegged as an easy target.

As the girl in the attic continues to appear and Jake learns of her tragic fate, he
realizes death isn’t necessarily the end…and the dead aren’t always willing to
rest in peace.

Through this marvelously written tale of adventure, redemption, family
relationships and inner strength, Jake must solve the mystery of a ghost and
overcome his inner and outer demons.

Will he succeed in time to save his own soul?