Denise Sumotzy
Nunley the K-nine Sheriff by Denise Sumotzy
An animated story about a skate-boarding pit bull who goes on a mission to save
the Pet My Puppy canine community from animal cruelty.
Sheriff Nunley teams up with an attractive female terrier detective named Zan.
Together, they develop an air-tight plan to eliminate dog fighting once and for all!
When sheriff Nunley receives a lead regarding the location of one of the biggest
dog fights in all of history, spear-headed by one of the meanest dog owners in the
world, he pulls out is special skate-board and helmet to prepare for battle!
Denise Sumotzy (Sue-mot-zee) was born in Monroe, Louisiana. She
was raised
(from infancy) in St.Louis, Missouri - where she currently resides.

Ms. Sumotzy began her literary journey in 2005. She has written
short stories, and many inspirational poems.

Children's fiction titles include:
Flowers For My Best Friend, The Land of Origami, Adventures of Anna
(Series collection of 7 stories), and Nunley the K-nine Sheriff.

Fiction romance titles include:
Hidden Identity, Crete Goodege, Lighthouse, Remnant of A Shadow,
Her Secret Heart, and Faded Beauty.

Inspirational book title:
Inspirational Prayers

Current projects:
Writing short stories.

General email: