Zachary Tamer
The story of the Snugglefink by Zachary Tamer

Compassion is not taught in schools, there are no
standards of learning tests that teach compassion or
love, sometimes this has to be learned at home, from
books, and those around us. My hope is that someone
will read this as a child and carry it into their future as I
did with so many books that my mother read to me.

Snugglefink and friends live in the colorful forest of
Foggitytree. They spend days and nights running and
playing in the forest. One day while having their weekly
tea something happened that would change their lives
forever. The Snugglefink and his friends need your
help. Can you help them!? Find out how you can help
the Snugglefink and the forest of Foggitytree by visiting

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About the Author

Zach graduated from Radford University in 2006 where he majored in
Sociology and minored in English. He currently lives with his lovely
wife, Johanna in Manassas Virginia. I am proud of his academic
achievements but I am more proud of his qualities that do not receive a
degree or a grade point average; his empathy, passion for life, and
youthful curiosity. These qualities team with his playful and warm
persona in writing this book.

Over the years Zach has shared his writings with his mother and me;
his poems, and the seed of a novel. I was very excited when he
decided to morph this particular poem into a children's book to share
with you.

Mickey Tamer
The Return of Foggitytree by Zachary Tamer

A hero is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person who
is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” The
word itself holds various meanings for different people.
Our heroes tend to change with our age and life
experiences. Heroes might start as superheroes, like
Superman or Batman, sports stars, musicians and even
actors and actresses. Then, one day we realize that we
have been surrounded by our heroes. They take many
different forms:  parents, children, nurses, teachers,
firefighters, volunteers, brothers and sisters, wives and
friends. There are more options than I have room to put
on this page! Cecilia Mae is a real little girl who won our
hero contest with her wonderful ideas on how to save the
forest. All of the ideas I received were amazing and they
made me realize that we can all be heroes each day; we
all have the tools to make the world a better place. All it
takes to be a hero is a heart full of love, hands used to
help, and a smile to light the way.

The last time we saw the Snugglefink and friends they
were on the run. The Plaid Bearded Men tore up every
space they could find with their spinning blades and their
rockagrind. The home of the Snugglefink and friends,
Foggitytree, was destroyed. The animals of Foggitytree
escaped, but they found themselves in an unfamiliar
place. Surrounded by fast cars, houses, litter and very
few trees, they needed to find a new home where they
could run and play. That’s when a little girl named Cecilia
came along and changed all of their lives forever! We can
all learn a valuable lesson from Cecilia. Even though we
are all different, we can work together and make this
world a better place.

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