Marsha S. Tennant
Margaret, Pirate Queen by Marsha S. Tennant with Dub Sutton
Follow the adventures of Margaret and her first mate, Mad Maverick, as
they travel the Coastal Carolina waters searching for a bounty of shrimp.
With her crew of rescue dogs, they capture the scallywags on The Bulldog
Bandit and exile them to Skull Island. Margaret and her fearless sea dogs
set sail again to plunder and raid the inlets and marshes of the

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Our book will be available at this new pirate themed dinner theater.  We
will also be taking part in a literacy event in September.  MORE DETAILS
Margaret and the Diamond Key Mystery by Marsha S. Tennant with Lyric
Join Margaret, Mad Maverick and the crew of the Howling Queen as they
set sail in search of the Diamond Key booty. A merpup, two funky felines
and a mysterious stowaway join the adventure.  Will they be able to solve
the riddle and unlock the  treasure?     B &