Leslie Eriksen Tesch
Man of Power by Leslie Eriksen Tesch

In the heartland of America in 1927, Henry Morrisch is a young man
working on the farm with his father. His grandfather farmed this same
ground, rich black soil in Iowa that produces oats, corn and soybeans.
Henry loves farm life. It is all he has ever known and it’s what he wants for
his own future. He doesn’t mind the hard work. Hard work, devotion to
family and honesty are traits that have been instilled in him. He imagines
that one day his own wife and kids will live with him on this same land,
following the seasons and the endless rows of crops. But Henry’s life
diverges from that of his ancestors when he finds a young love that
consumes him and ultimately forces him away from his beloved black soil
and the rural life that is so familiar.

Henry’s life takes a different turn in the small town where he finds work. He
attains success in this new arena. But as in his earlier life, the truth and
the lies of friends and family test his abilities to cope. The past calls to him
and when he answers, he finds life pulling him in different directions and
he often feels that he is losing control of his own future. In his effort to
separate the lies and truths he has encountered, he discovers that
sometimes the easiest lies to tell and the hardest ones to accept are the
lies we tell ourselves
Man of Power is the first novel from Leslie Eriksen
Tesch.  She was born and raised in northwest Iowa,
where she still  lives out in the country with her husband
Orlyn.  She is a graduate of the University of South
Dakota at Vermillion SD.

She had always been interested in reading and writing.  
In addition to writing, Leslie has pursued another
interest, that of quilting.  She owns and operates a
long-arm machine quilting business from her home.  
The cover photo of her novel was taken by her daughter,
Roxanne Pogany.
Cal's Corner by Leslie Erikson Tesch

When Annie Morrisch leaves her farm home late one summer night in
1948, her only destination is someplace that isn’t here.  She walks into
town, takes the first bus leaving and lands across the state in Junction
City, a place that she had never heard of before. When she meets
charismatic Ned Dalton, also new to town and a newspaper reporter, she
decides to stay for a while and try life in the city.

Twenty-five miles farther down the highway sits Cal’s Corner, a small
family business which consists of a garage and diner combination
owned by Cal Gosch and his wife Lucy.  Wilbur Gosch and his family
work here and both families reside in the two houses directly behind the
business.  Everything gets shaken up when a new waitress is hired.  
Frankie sets her sights on the reluctant Wilbur, who has always had
more success with cars than with women.  Wilbur’s daughter Gail works
as a waitress and acts as a mother to her two younger brothers.  But
since she has graduated from Parker High School, situated just a half
mile north of Cal’s Corner, she begins to look for something more
rewarding and exciting than the life she has been living.

Just as a strong wind sometimes disrupts the countryside right before
the storm begins, so the plans and hopes of the workers and patrons of
Cal’s Corner are strewn across the landscape one day when a storm
rolls through. Everyone is tested when they try to pick up the pieces and
attempt to discover just what will make them happy.