Donna L. Thomas
Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure by Donna L Thomas     
.....It was a hot summer day and Kevin just didn’t feel like playing. He laid down on
the soft, cool grass and his eyes felt very, very heavy. As he listened to the many
soothing sounds of summer, he drifted further and further until... Suddenly, from the
woods came a loud noise. Kevin slowly crept up the hill toward the sound and was
surprised by what he saw! How is this possible he thought as he wondered what to
.....Come along with Kevin as his adventure continues and he and his new found
companions learn about acceptance and friendship.
.....Donna L. Thomas, author of "Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure" has been writing children's stories for
years, but never tried to get published before.  She lives with her husband and family in Greensburg,
Pennsylvania and has one wonderful grandson she loves to spend time with.  As her own four children
were growing up, there was a nightly family ritual of reading bedtime stories.  However, her children
preferred the stories and characters Donna created and recited to them.  Inspired by their love of her
stories, she decided to finally bring the stories to life.      
.....Besides being a busy wife, mother, daughter, and grandmother, Donna is an assistant manager at
Northwood Real Estate Services and does all the billing for her son's tool business.  In her spare time,
she's always thinking of new characters and ideas for her stories and likes nothing better than to curl
up with a pen and tablet and weave magical little tales for children.      
.....She's always loved to write and now she's making a dream come true.  This is her first children's
book to be published.  Donna feels books should be fun, but  yet teach children important values such
as friendship, acceptance and kindness to people as well as animals.
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