Candace Thompson
Herman Popcorn Fish by Candace Thompson  Illustrated by Kayla Nock     
Herman Popcorn Fish is the story of a fish who no longer wants to be a fish and decides to become
something else.  On his journey he will meet many different kinds of animals and will attempt to become
like them only to find out that it’s not an easy thing to do.  He ultimately learns the most valuable lesson, the
lesson that all of us should learn – Just be yourself!  
The author - Candace Thompson
Candace was nine years old and in the fourth grade when she wrote Herman
Popcorn Fish.  She lives with her parents in a rural area of Alabama.  She has a
great imagination as you can tell from her writing.  She also loves science,
church, swimming, reading, the outdoors, and is a proud member of the 4-H
Club.   And she really loves animals, especially her dog, Two Cents.  
The illustrator - Kayla Nock
Kayla is ten years old and is in the fourth grade.  She lives with her parents and two
brothers in a quiet town in Ohio.  She began drawing at age two and her natural ability
has developed into a childlike sense of fun.  Her characters come alive on each
page.  When she is not drawing, she loves swimming, computer games, horseback
riding, visiting the zoo and museums and reading about animals