Irma Jacobs Tirro
It's Almost Friday by Irma Jacobs Tirro      

Eleven year old Jodi dreads Friday, Annual Pet Day at school. She’s never had a pet
and her classmates laugh and mock her.

"Are you mean?"

"Do you smell?"

Jodi is embarrassed to tell them her mother is a snob who thinks animals are nasty
and that it’s not proper to have one.

An only child, Jodi is lonely, and sometimes wonders if her mother loves her.

It’s almost Friday and Jodi is determined to find a pet to take this year. Where she
looks and what she finds startles everyone.
The Lonely Snowflake  by Irma Jacobs Tirro      

Mr. North Wind puffs and Crystal the Snowflake swirls down,
down, on her first visit to earth. It’s scary.

Floating through a wintry forest looking for a friend, she meets
Mr. Evergreen, Mr. Black Bear, Baby Deer, Mr. White Rabbit, and
Miss Brown Squirrel.

Travel with Crystal as she learns that being a friend is as
important as finding a friend.
Pippi the Possum  by Irma Jacobs Tirro      

Pippi the Possum is tired of living in a ditch with smelly skunks,
scrounging for food, and getting wet when it rains. At night he
runs through the cat door onto the back porch of his cat friends
Biscuit, Andy, and Fritz, gobbles some cat food and runs back

He wants to be inside but is afraid of Miss Mattie’s rolling pin.
He has never lived in a house and doesn’t know that family
members have responsibilities.

Come along with Pippi as his cat friends help him to learn how
to be a member of a family and be loved by all.     B &
Irma Jacobs Tirro was born in Miami, Florida, where her love of
books began at an early age.  As a young woman she wrote her
first children’s stories to entertain numerous nieces and

Her professional background encompasses extensive
experience as an administrator, trainer and professional
speaker, editor of newsletters, and being published in various
newspapers as well as an anthology.

Now retired, she devotes her time to volunteering and her
passion of writing children’s stories.  She is a member of the
Space Coast Writers Guild.