Larry G. Toft
Christmas Kaleidoscope by Larry G. Toft    

Christmas 1980 will always bring back memories of
a magical time for John. On Christmas Eve, with the
yule log burning in the fireplace, John’s dad read the
book Christmas Kaleidoscope to the little ones
gathered around him. The drawings and images in
the story captured the imaginations of all the
children. The next morning John opened his first
present, and there, inside the box, was a
kaleidoscope that looked exactly like the one in the
book. John’s first thought was that this was all a
dream, but could it be?  John was about to discover
whether the magic was in the kaleidoscope or in the
book that his father had written and given to him as a
gift that Christmas many years ago
Larry G. Toft resides in Saginaw, Michigan.  His career
spanned some 40 years in education where he served
as a teacher, coach, administrator and college
admissions counselor. Larry and his wife Gail have four
children and six grandchildren. Since retiring, he has
pursued a lifelong dream of being an author.  His first
book was entitled "Remembering Our Past: Historic
Saginaw Township."  The book met with overwhelming
success and sold out twice.  He has also published one
of his articles in the Christian Science Monitor. The book
"Christmas Kaleidoscope" was written as a gift for his
son.  It will be enjoyed by children of all ages and any
one who is young at heart.

A Saginaw Township resident for the past thirty-eight
years, Elizabeth Nagel is an illustrator and graphic
designer. After retiring from teaching high school art,
she and her husband Walter are enjoying second
careers as muralists and sign designers.  Her beautiful
drawings in the book "Christmas Kaleidoscope" will
allow youngsters to catch a glimpse of what it is like
living at the North Pole.
Larry G. Toft  

Illustrated by
Elizabeth Nagel