Juan Trevino
'Hyper' Polly Sillibick: A Brand New Place by Juan Trevino     
Welcome to the world of Hyper Polly Sillabick. Polly is a very smart, high-spirited, ten year old
little girl armed with a big vocabulary. Because of her parents separation, Polly and her brother
Devon begin a new life in Georgetown. Suddenly they must adjust to new surroundings and new
friends. Come join the fun and craziness as strange events greet Polly almost immediately.
There is more mystery here than meets the eye!

Don’t miss the next installment of Hyper Polly Sillabick as she tangles with a strange
neighborhood feline in: "Mysterious Blue Cat."
Juan Trevino was born in Alice, Texas.  He
moved to West Michigan at a very young age.  
Juan retired from AT&T - Ameritech in 2006.  
It was at this time that writing "Hyper" Polly
Sillabick became a top project.  Writing 5
books in a short time was incredibly
satisfying. The inspiration for Polly came
from personal childhood experiences.  He
decided to write books that show it's OK to
use big words and also be as smart as you
can be without feeling out of place.  Everyone
grows intellectually at different rates in
school.  Juan plans to write several Polly
books and also a spin-off series involving the
"Shady Lady" who lives on Knotty Lane.  Juan
can be reached at email:

dingo8473@yahoo.com or at