David Villanueva Jr.
The Misadventures of Mel B by David Villanueva Jr.

Mel B, aka Melanie Brooks, a free-spirited, fearless 10 year old girl,
is always ready to have fun. The friendly girl recruits her neighbor
Donte Diaz, on an adventure that the two of them will never forget.
While exploring her grandmother’s attic, the two uncover a play
area that they could only dream of- a wooden carrousel in one
corner, a giant chalkboard on one wall, a metal teeter-totter, and
shelves of mysterious books. While navigating the attic they notice
a book on one of the shelves with its pages turning by itself. The
fearless girl quickly discovers why this book is special, as both
Donte and Mel B fall into the pages of the book, and become
encompassed by a world of dinosaurs and an endless jungle.
Their misadventures take them from being chased by a hungry
Tyrannosaurus Rex, to sliding down the long neck of a
brontosaurus, to living in a tree house as they try to find their way
back home!
David Villanueva Jr. is a native of Southern California, and is author of two
children’s picture books, Bella The Crooked Hat Witch (written under his pen
name Jordan Serafin) and Caleb’s Birthday Wish.  

The Misadventures of Mel B is his first children’s novel he has written.  An avid
reader as a kid, David is currently working on brainstorming some new ideas
for a children’s picture book, as well as a humor book for adults based on his