Mark Wells
Katie and Doc’s Helicopter Adventures by Mark Wells

Meet the brother and sister team of Katie and Doc, two kids ready
for big adventures. Mom is always there to cheer them on and
always seems to know more than she is telling. Come along with
Katie and Doc as they fly away in their friend, the little Helicopter,
and learn that working together can be fun.
Time for Tommy by Mark W. Wells

Imagine you were a kid and one day something very bad
happened to your best friend. What if when you where older you
found a way to go back and stop that bad thing before it happened.
Would you go back in time to help that friend? How would you do
this? You do this with the help of a special device, a Cube, that can
transport you to Anyplace and Anytime you wished. The Cube is
not magic but it is able to take you on a magical journey just by
telling it your wishes. Can you imagine any better journey than that
of saving the life of a friend? Come with Katie, Doc, Johnny and the
Cube as they find away to help Tommy overcome the problems
that could cost him his life. Along the way the four friends find
helping others is indeed the best journey of their lives.     B &