Sandra White
Molly by Sandra White    

Dr. Merritt Hall- Davis is born into a wealthy family and becomes
a successful physician, as well as a happy wife and mother. But
outbursts stemming from her mental condition destroy her
career and her family. After the deaths of her husband and
daughter, she plunges further into the depths of her illness.

Tormented mercilessly by voices, asleep or awake, which first
appear when she is a young woman in college and reoccur
intermittently during the remainder of her life, Merritt suffers from
drastic mood swings. Although she receives treatment for her
mental condition, she eventually runs away from her sorrows
and finds herself on the streets of Valeria, Indiana. There she
spends fifteen years of her life.

Molly, as she becomes known on the street, finds friends
among the other street people, ranging from Old Johnny, who
becomes her protector, to Petey, a fifteen-year-old runaway.
During Molly’s years on the street, she suffers from hunger,
exposure, derision, and brutality.

Covering a wide array of human emotions, Molly is a love story
and a tragedy; it is a tale of hope and hopelessness; and it is a
story of great courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable

Formerly released as "Riches to Rags."
Sandra White has had a lifetime interest in writing, and at one time was a
journalist with The Midland Daily News in Midland, Michigan. She later
entered the training and development field and spent most of her career life in
that arena. After her retirement, she resumed writing and has spent the past
few years working on articles for magazines, as well as fiction. Her first novel,
The Album, was published by The Fiction Works in 2003. Her second novel,
Riches to Rags, was released in the summer of 2008 by Mirror Publishing.

A lifetime resident of the Midwest, Ms. White is interested in writing about the
history and surroundings of those states; both her novels are set in the
Midwest. She likes to write about outstanding persons, including some of her
own family members, nostalgia, and social issues. She has been published
nationally in Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul, and in regional publications,
such as Today’s Woman and The Ozarks Mountaineer. Capper’s Magazine
published one of her novellas in September and October, 2004, one in
November and December, 2006, and another in January and February, 2009.

Ms. White currently resides in Springfield, Missouri.