Vera Wienski
Vera Wienski    
The first book in this series, “Adventure in the Park,” tells of the two suitcases
venturing out the night before they are set to go on a vacation with Jerry and his
family.  After everyone had gone to bed, Zipper and Pockets quietly slipped out of
the house and skipped along to the park where they played and laughed for
hours. As morning nears they return home only to find that the front door to the
house was tightly closed and they could not get back inside. Tired from all the
playing, both suitcases were now feeling very, very scared and have to begin
another adventure to try and get back into the house before Jerry and his family
discover they are missing. With the help of a friend, see what tricks Zipper and
Pockets do to get back into the house. Be sure to look for the next book in the
series, “Lost in London.”  
.....Vera Wienski was born in Liverpool, England,  and started writing poetry in her late teens and also wrote for a company newspaper.  
She has wonderful memories of living in Liverpool and being able to see the Beatles perform in the Cavern Club.
.....She has a collection of poems she has written over the years and has enjoyed sending copies of her “Poetry to the Troops”  to Iraq
and Afghanistan for about three years.  
.....She completed her first book “Erkulees and Tobias” and is now writing the series “The Adventures of Zipper and Pockets: the Two
Naughty Suitcases” which came about after going on vacation only to find their luggage had been lost