C.Q. Wilder M.ED
Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure by C.Q. Wilder M.ED.

One day Karla the Dog and her owner CQ are boating in the sea
when all of a sudden, Karla feels their boat begin to rock. She
notices that a creature is reaching from out of the deep-sea and
causing this movement. Karla the Dog decides that she wants to
explore this mystery and asks CQ to help her prepare for this
exciting adventure. As she puts on her gear, CQ warns Karla the
Dog about the changing weather and asks her to hurry and be
safe. As Karla the Dog jumps into the deep-sea to begin her
adventure, she meets new creatures that tell her interesting facts
about themselves in a fun numerical way while also following
black ink coming from some mysterious place. She ultimately
discovers what caused her boat to move and learns about
impending, or upcoming danger and a safe place for shelter.
Come along with Karla the Dog on this fun adventure while
learning about who lives below in the deep-sea.

Please visit www.karlathedog.com to learn more about Karla and
her adventures.
CQ aka Cha Quan Wilder is a graduate from George Mason University with a
Master’s in Education with a concentration in English as a Second
Language (ESL) and a Bachelor's in Administration of Justice. CQ is
currently a Language Acquisition and Family Literacy Manager at an
Early Childhood Public Charter in Washington, D.C. She taught for 4 years
where she spent three of those years in early childhood education
as a ESL pre-school and pre-kindergarten teacher and 1 year as a ESL  
teacher for pre-k 0 8th grade.

CQ co-presented at the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE)
in February 2013 in Orlando, Florida and her classroom was highlighted in
The Achievable Dream: College Board Lessons on Creating Great Schools
written by Gaston Caperton and Richard Whitmore in 2012. She has owned
Karla since Karla was a puppy and currently lives in Washington, D.C.

CQ is currently developing the series Karla the Dog. The series will allow
parents, teachers, siblings, or anyone an opportunity to join Karla on her
adventures while teaching educational concepts that include literacy, math,
science, social studies, social-emotional, and many more. The goal for the
series is to create learning opportunities that are supported by national
standards, at home, at school, or anywhere. CQ enjoys educating adults on
how they can support young, diverse learners and stresses the importance
of continuing education at home and making a connection between home
and school life.
Karla the Dog: Island of Mysterious Wonders by C.Q. Wilder

Karla the Dog and CQ decide to take the advice given by Karla's
deep-sea adventure friend, the day octopus, and safely land on
the Island of Mysterious Wonders. However, they encounter a
problem with their boat that sends Karla the Dog off on another
exciting adventure into the unknown. While exploring the island
with a map in paw, Karla is startled, or surprised, when she
meets a new friend who has a problem that he needs help with.
Karla the Dog agrees to help her new friend and the two set off
on a adventure where they meet other animals in a odd way and
build communication skills. This story supports the following
concepts: Math, Vocabulary Development, Social-emotional,
Comprehension, and Literacy.

Please visit www.karlathedog.com to learn more about Karla and
her adventures.
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Karla the Dog Visits the Farm by C.Q. Wilder M.ED.

Leaving the Island of Mysterious Wonders, Karla and CQ have a new
adventure to tackle. They need to deliver an envelope to Farmer Bill
from Long-Haired Sam, Karla's new island friend. As the two dock and
arrive on the farm, Karla is surprised when she is reconnected with an
old friend who then takes her around the farm to teach her about the
different animals that reside, or live, there and some interesting facts
about them. While on the farm, Karla participates in a celebration that's
out of this world and leads to an opportunity that no dog has ever had.

Please visit www.karlathedog.com to learn more about Karla and her
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Atlas: The Very Special Therapy Dog
by Kathy Benner and CQ Wilder M.ED

Atlas, the French Mastiff, is a very special dog.  He is a therapy dog
who helps children with special needs.  But that’s not all!  Just like
many of the children he helps, Atlas was born with some unique
challenges.  Join Atlas as he shares his story of an amazing
discovery, his surgery, and the road to recovery back to doing what
he loves – helping children.
The Knee-High Crew Embraces Health by C.Q. Wilder M.ED and Tsion

The Knee-High Crew is made up of three fun friends. Teeny, Tif, and Q
enjoy hanging out together and having fun. During a day trip in
downtown DC, they meet Chris Monroe,  GW's 2012 Hall of Famer,
who takes them on a nutritional field trip around the city. The friends
later run into Tsion who explores the colors of the rainbow with a
nutritional twist. Join The Knee-High Crew on this fun adventure
around our nation's capital.
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The Life Story of James Dewitt Yancey
by Maureen Yancey-Smith, Diana V. Boardley-Wise,MBA and CQ
Wilder M.ED

Every child is born with a special gift and James Dewitt Yancey
was no
exception. Before becoming J Dilla, one of the most
influential producers in many musical genres, James Dewitt
Yancey was just an ordinary boy with an extraordinary talent. By
tapping into his musical talent at an early age, James Dewitt
Yancey was able to experiment with different types of musical
instruments until he found several that would transform him, his
legacy, and music forever.

James Dewitt Yancey followed his dream and as you read, you will
learn how it all began.
Karla the Dog: Urban Gardening by CQ Wilder M.ED and Niraj Ray

After using her imagination with her neighbor Elijah, Karla the Dog
receives an invitation from friends Nala and Niraj. The two want CQ
and her to visit their wonderful community rooftop garden and
enjoy a fun pizza party. While there, Karla and Nala explore and
learn about urban gardening in the city and how it is different from
other types of gardening.  They also learn about different types of
plants and animals that can be found in urban gardens.  However,
before the party ends, CQ receives a phone call that leaves Karla
pondering about their next adventure.  Please visit
www.karlathedog.com for more information about the Karla the
Dog series and www.cultivatethecity.com for more information
about urban gardening.