Victoria Williams-Fisher
Victoria Williams-Fisher is a new novelist living in Tennessee.
PESCADERO CREEK is her first novel which will soon be followed
by UNDERCOVER and a third in the series, REMEMBERING.

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Pescadero Creek by Victoria Williams-Fisher     
PESCADERO CREEK, near Pacifica, California is the location of a
watery grave for beautiful young women who have been raped and
strangled to death, and not necessarily in that order. When the
bodies of these young women begin surfacing in PESCADERO
CREEK, Special Agent Rob McAllister, the Melvin Purvis of his day,
and Dr. Morgan Warren, a young inexperienced Medical Examiner
are thrown together to bring the killer of the five–year murder spree
to justice. However, while working closely together, they fall deeply in
love and unbeknownst to them become targets of the killer

In a town that is already laden with scandal, keeping their romance a
secret proves to be just as much of a challenge as cracking the
case. As Rob and Morgan strive to find the killer, she proves to be as
valuable to him as his lover as she is in solving the crime. Both are
faced with the inevitable, what happens to their relationship when
the case is solved?
Undercover by Victoria Williams-Fisher     
In Undercover, the second installment in the steamy Pescadero Creek
Series, Special Agent Robert McAllister leaves his family and goes
undercover to catch the elusive Dr. Mitchell Stewart, an atrocious killer
who has managed to successfully elude the agent and the FBI for the
past year.

After plastic surgery and months of concealment, maniacal Stewart will
be hard to track. Agent McAllister knows that if he is going to beat Stewart
at his own game, he too will have to completely disguise himself. Once
his own transformation is complete, the agent emerges with the brand
new identity of Leo Devlin, a hard-core criminal who becomes a part of
Stewart’s underground operation of narcotics, prostitution, and human

In Victoria Williams-Fisher’s second novel, her readers will follow
McAllister to San Francisco on a manhunt to capture California’s most-
wanted criminal—the same cold-blooded killer who has held a grudge
against the agent’s wife Morgan and her family for years and now has a
vendetta with McAllister himself.

While Rob is undercover, his new wife struggles with his absence in her
life. Surrounded by security guards, Morgan creates a major scandal by
turning to one of them for comfort while her husband is away. Lives are
ripped apart and friendships are broken when she betrays her husband.

Will Agent McAllister survive the assignment and return to his family? If he
does, will his wife and son be waiting at home for him? Or will they have
given up on him and left for good?    B &
Remembering by Victoria Williams-Fisher     
REMEMBERING, book three in the steamy PESCADERO CREEK
SERIES, picks up where we left the McAllisters in UNDERCOVER.
The family is once again safe and happy while awaiting the birth of
their second child. But things change drastically when on his way
home from work one evening, Rob runs off the road while trying to
avoid something mysterious in his path. Chief McAllister suffers a
traumatic brain injury when the Porsche he is driving wraps around
a light pole.

As Rob lies in a coma, Morgan stays by his side. Sparing no
expense, she flies in a specialist from Boston and purchases new
equipment for the small Pacifica hospital where Rob is monitored by
round-the-clock private nurses. When his patient regains
consciousness, the specialist discovers that Rob has lost the last
five years of his memory. Chief McAllister has no idea where he is or
that he now has a wife and two small children.

Morgan is devastated when she realizes she has been completely
erased from her husband’s memory and is now a total stranger to
him. In the meantime, Rob’s mother plots to use her son’s condition
to her advantage and break up a marriage that from the beginning
she has never approved of.

Will the loving and passionate relationship between the McAllisters
withstand another separation? Will Rob ever fully recall his life as an
adoring husband and father?    B &
The Warrens by Victoria Williams-Fisher     
In the long–awaited fourth installment in the steamy PESCADERO
CREEK SERIES, Rob and Morgan have just reconciled after a
lengthy separation. Rob has moved back home with his wife and
children, and everyone is thrilled when the couple announce that an
addition to the family will arrive later that summer. Their home is truly
a happy one with weddings and parties taking place. But amidst all
the celebrating, the Warren-McAllister mansion seems to take on a
life of its own.

Frequently witnessing strange events in the home; Agent McAllister
fears that he may just be losing his grip on reality again. When he
begins seeing the wraith of a young woman in his bedroom, Rob
tries desperately to determine a logical explanation for the

Witnessing her husband’s erratic behavior, Morgan fears that Rob is
relapsing after the car accident in which he suffered a traumatic
brain injury. Clinging to hope that he is not going to change back into
the monster he became after his injury, she vows to remain true to
her husband, even if it means delving into her own unhappy
childhood to prove his sanity.

Will Rob and Morgan be able to put the past behind them and start a
new life together? Or have the the dark secrets of the Warren family’
s past come back to permanently separate them?    B &