Jared Paul Wilson
Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me by Jared Paul Wilson

A tiny fly lives happily within a pair of boots inside the local shoe
store.  The shoe fly is quite content with her life until a cowboy
snatches up her lovely home and purchases it.  The fly follows the
cowboy back to his farm in hopes of recovering her house.  Upon
reaching the farm, the shoe fly realizes she will need to find a new
place to call home and thus starts her journey. The problem with
her quest for a new home is that every time she asks one of the
farm animals if she can live with them, the reply is always, “Shoe
Fly, don’t bother me!”  The fly realizes how important love and
acceptance are as she searches for a new home.  It isn’t until the
bug meets a tired old horse that the shoe fly’s fortune turns.
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Jared Paul Wilson is both a published children's book writer/illustrator and
professional wildlife and western artist.  As a youngster, Wilson, would explore the
natural world around him.  And, after these many explorations, the creative child
would retreat indoors where, with pencil and pad, attempt to "put on paper" what he
had encountered.  Frequently his illustrations would take on a narrative approach
and begin to evolve into stories.  Over the years that love for both nature and
storytelling has grown into a lifelong love and joy.  Jared Paul Wilson is extremely
passionate about his American heritage and all aspects that make our country both
unique and beautiful.  Wilson strives to evoke a sense of feeling and connection
with the viewer through his wildlife and western artworks – a responsibility not
taken lightly. Wilson is a two-time cancer survivor and through his life-threatening
battles awoke a burning passion to share his love for storytelling and wildlife and
western art with the world. Every day given is a gift from God and Wilson creates
children's books in an effort to not waste a moment of it.  In December 2009, Jared
Paul Wilson married his wife, Erin, and they welcomed their first child, Lily Madison
Wilson, into their family on August 29, 2012.

Jared Paul Wilson is a member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and
Illustrators and has published one children's book, Shoe Fly, Don't Bother Me.
Currently he is working on completing his second children's book and scheduling
school visits.  For further information regarding purchasing autographed copies of
his children's book or wildlife/western prints please visit: http://www.
Taquito by Jared Paul Wilson

Taquito has missed the train back to Texas.  Now this tiny
chihuahua must journey across the Chihuahua desert in
order to find his way home.  Little Taquito will stop at
nothing to reunite with his owner, Mateo, and must interact
with several quirky characters on his adventure.  Will
Taquito find his way home?
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