Jane S. Woodard
Doo-Dah Day! by Jane S. Woodard    

Doo-Dah Day! is the story of a friendship between two
twelve-year-olds, a white boy and a black girl in the midst
of racial turmoil.  These children are caught in the
violence of political change in 1898 in Wilmington, North
Carolina, during the only coup d’`etat to take place in the
United States.  The reader sees the political upheaval of
this historic event through the eyes of innocence and feels
the horror of injustice stemming from the long hidden

Doo-Dah Day! delights the reader with colorful characters
such as Isolda, the lady lion tamer;  Pardee, an idiot
savant who can play any musical piece after hearing it
once;  a mayor who always wears white gloves (even in
his bathrobe);  and, the irrepressible Tally Jo, the elfin
crippled child who will win your heart with her joyous spirit.

Doo-Dah Day! will make you laugh and cry.  It will outrage
you at the massacre of innocent people.  Finally, it will fill
you with hope for the lives of those you will come to love.