Neal Wooten
Reternity by Neal Wooten     

Reternity is the tale of Max, the esteemed (and only) child
of Reverend and Mrs. Maxwell, a simple but hardworking
family in the American Midwest who love their son.  Their
hearts, however, are heavy with trepidation as he
embarks on the next chapter of his life: university, and
worry about the effects of such a liberal environment on
his Christian values.   Their fears deepen as he cultivates
his academic abilities outside of his planned seminary by
enrolling in the campus-renowned class of Professor
Nowak, a science teacher who proffers each semester
the Near Impossible Assignment to anyone willing and
brave enough to accept the challenge, for bonus points of
course.  Ready to put his intellect on the line, Max thrusts
himself right into the scientific puzzle, and he
serendipitously discovers something that even bemuses
the professor himself, an invention that could change the
world.   But can Max push forth with his scientific
investigation without alienating those he loves or
compromising his Christian values?  The professor and
Max both embark on a quest whose destination no one
around them could possibly have seen coming…
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