Alycia Wright
Scooter's Crying Eyes by Alycia Wright
Scooter is an everyday toddler full of energy and wonderment. He loves his
family and adores his big brother and cousins who, along with Scooter, can
often be found at Grandma’s house. But when the bigger kids venture outdoors
to play games that older kids play, Scooter cannot go along and his world falls
apart. He begins to cry and it breaks Grandma’s heart. Like all Grandmas, she
hates to see her grandchildren cry. She tries all of his favorite things to get him
to stop but none seem to work. Then she has an idea. Will it work and finally
soothe Scooter’s crying eyes?
.....Alycia Rene Wright is a new North Carolina writer.  Although writing is not new to
Ms. Wright, this is her first published work.  Alycia took up writing as a hobby in middle
.....As a young child growing up in Massachusetts, Dr. Seuss was like a hometown
hero.  The famous story
On Mulberry Street had a real life to her when she learned
that "it was in the town next door."
.....It wasn't until adolescence that she began to write in a rhythmical twist.  Most of her
children's stories have a decadent methodological melody that would capture the
attention of many children...and adults too!
.....Scooter is a real life character; her youngest Grandson!   He is one of five
grandchildren and his escapades are carefully documented in "Scooter's Crying
Eyes."  This is the first in a series of volumes called Scooter Books.
.....Do enjoy the lyrical content and be on the look-out for the next book based on the
rambunctious episodes of Scooter!!
Scooter is Learning Spanish by Alycia Wright
Scooter is now going on five years old. He has outgrown the crying but still has
his favorite things to do. He has made friends in his neighborhood and at
Virginia Beach where he lives. His Mom had begun to teach him Spanish while
he was a toddler. Their frequent trips to the beach allowed Scooter to make
some friends of his own. Although Scooter’s first choice in play partners is his
brother Darius; he has become close to his new friend Pedro. They spent hot
summer mornings on the beach swimming, digging for shells, building sand
castles and speaking Spanish to one another. Scooter shares what he has
learned with you. Please enjoy another adventure in the life of Scooter!