New Author Submissions
Due to the high number
of submissions, please
allow us several weeks
to respond.

Thank you,
Neal Wooten
Managing Editor

We are accepting submissions for children’s books, young adult
books, and full length books.  We do not publish books of poetry,
cook books, or comic novels.

Please only submit one manuscript.  We can only consider and
work with one book at a time from any author, and we can only work
with authors in the continental United States.

How to submit:
Send a email to
In the subject line, write:  Submission
We are a "green" publisher so please do not mail actual
manuscripts to us

In your email, Include the following:

Your name
Title of book
Book type (children’s book, young adult, full length, etc.)
Genre (for full length)
Number of words

If it’s under 5000 words, include the entire manuscript.
Copy and paste into email – DO NOT attach any files at this time.  

If it’s a full length book, include the first three chapters only.
Copy and paste into email – DO NOT attach any files at this time.  

We will respond to all submissions and if we want to see more
writing or know more information, we will ask at that time.   

Thank you,
Neal Wooten
Managing Editor
"You must keep sending
work out; you must never
let a manuscript do
nothing but eat its head
off in a drawer. You send
that work out again and
again, while you're
working on another one.
If you have talent, you
will receive some
measure of success - but
only if you persist."

- Isaac Asimov