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Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure by Donna Thomas

King of the Beach by Mark Huff

Katie and Doc’s Helicopter Adventures by Mark Wells

The Adventures of Paige and Berry Bear by Stephanie Klingler

Koalas’ Magical Adventure, The by Sarah Case Mamika

Kayla Goes to College in Her Yellow Keppie Hat by Susan D. Stein

Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure by C.Q. Wilder M.ED

Karla the Dog: Island of Mysterious Wonders by C.Q. Wilder M.ED

Karla the Dog Visits the Farm by C.Q. Wilder M.ED

Knee-High Crew Embraces Health, The by C.Q. Wilder and Tsion Semret

Karla the Dog: Urban Gardening by C.Q. Wilder M.ED

Karla the Dog: Adventures in Space by C.Q. Wilder M.ED