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Jacqueline Frost by Paige and Robert Miller

Jingles by Krissy Smith

Jaloopa by Mark Childs

Jacob's Haunting by J.B. Struzzi II

Janey and Miriam Turn Five! by Allison Ryan

Just One Vote by Katherine Blanc

J.T.: A Tale of Travel and Gladness by Jan Stevens

Jaloopiter by Mark Childs

Just One Vote (hardcover) by Katherine Blanc

J is for Jazz by Tom Kiebzak

Jungle Boogie by Alicia Freitas

Journey Into Darkness by Craig Etchison

Jack the Husky Dog: When Your Friend’s Parents Get Divorced by Gina Maria

Just Imagine by Ashley Sherrod

Jack the Husky Dog Encounters a Bully by Gina Maria Sanfilippo

Just a Frog Named Patch by Jane Matyger

Just Bob by Betsy Manchester

Joy's Great Zoo Adventure by Leon Opio

Jeff and the Brown Bear by Sherri Bunn Godwin

Jenna's Troublesome Tooth by Christine McCarriston

Johnny Rico by Mary Ellen Lisciandra

Journey of SastheSquatch, The by Denise Kaderabek and Matthew Weiler

Jeff as Superman by Sherri Bunn Godwin

Josh and the Great American Flag by Mary Parker Donaldson

Jingle in the Trees, A by Deanna Scelzo