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If I Were a Pickle by Victoria Benton

Incredible Upside Down Dog, The by Kimberly Anne Rutt

It's Almost Friday by Irma Jacobs Tirro

Invisible Boys Club, The by Fran Coiro

In Search of Digasso by Trudy Hanson

I’d Rather Eat a Worm! by Jill S. Hardin

I Am Your Mother by L.K. Colyer

In Search of Ants by Trudy Hanson

I Remember Samson by Darlene Winter

Ignor Ramus – A Curious Rhyme by Rob Myers

Is There Enough? by Faye Ellen Hartzell

Ice for Sale by Carol March McLernon

Into the Night by Carrie Steinweg

It's... Just Private by Shelby DeBause, MA, LMFT and Ashley Wroton, Ed.S., LPC,

I Love, Love, Love to Read, Read, Read by Barbara Even Streif

IS by C.J. Lawson

I Love You Better then Chocolate Chip Cookies by Donalisa Helsley

I'm Not Scared! by Roxanne Stephenson

It's Okay to Be Different by Lydia Green

I Am Not a Skunk by Ellen J Pilch