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Lady Godiva and the Magic Pumpkin by David and Larry Fernandez

Lady Godiva and the Legend of the Black Rose by David Fernandez    

Little Lobo Who Lost His Howl, The by Antoinette & John Austin

Ladybug Grace: Have No Fear by Cathy Cress Eller

Little Mean Stevie by L.S. Hedrick

Lilybean by Joann Sgroi

Listen to the Pelican Spend His Day by Frank James Unger

Little Red Hoodie by Adrianna Kruse

Leaving Home by Peggy Harris

Luke and Morgan Learn a Lesson by Michelle Velky

Luna by Carrie Parker

Land of Upside Backwards, The by Patricia Bonarrigo

Little Blankie by Heidi E. Merchant

Little River Dog by Sarah Case Mamika

Little Fallen Star, The by Robert E. Geiger

Love Spots by Karen Panier

Little Bird You Are Perfect by Shelley Joy

Lost On Spirit River: Spirit River Trilogy: Book 1 by Tommy Batchelor

Love You Forever by Nance Schneider

Little Hugo Faces the Evil Wizard by Axana King

Little Billy by Gordon Day

Laverne by Nancy R. Weissmuller

The Lonely Snowflake by Irma J. Tirro

Lost at the Fair by Sarah Case Mamika

Lia-Ria Meets the Angels by Jodi J. Fiore

Louis-Joseph’s Ooh Rah by Jennie E. Nicassio

Lands of Forever, The by Ruth Anne Meredith

Lia-Ria and the Ostrich Feathers by Jodi J. Fiore

Lonely Little Peach, The by Aloka L. Patel

Lost City of Azgara by Dick Enos

Little Lighthouse, The by Elizabeth Jarrell

Lia-Ria and the Lockdown Drill by Jodi J. Fiore

Life... By Alphabet by Martin Regan Dove

Love Spots (second edition) by Karen Panier

Loving My Grandmas by Amber Green

Little Green Dragon No One Wanted to Play With by Jo Cross

Love of a Senior Couch Potato, The by Leslie Balcerak

Losing Deseret by Brice Bogle

Lloyd and Roly: The Tale of Two Shoes by David Vanderbosch