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Benny the Brave by Lonnie McKelvey   

Byte Me by N.D. Skerwarski

Blue Diamond Rough by Tracy Saxon  

Bubbly Bath Day by Sarah Tu

Beast of Morris Street, The by Pauline Thomas

Battle Lines Undrawn by Rick Brooks

Bratenstein by Mike McCormack

The Blue Crocodile by Sarah Case Mamika

Bison at Hollow Hill by Drema Hazelwood

Beau the Bee by Minda Devorkin

Black Code by Gordon Day

Black  Hawk: A Boy and his Vision by Carol March McLernon

Beginnings by Lenore Lang

Bob Beetle Book Bug: The Magical World of Books by Phyllis Griggs

Bad Billy and His Buccaneer Buddies by Tricia Harsley

Basket Case for Owen and Cecil, A by Cathy Cress Eller

Bright Side, The by Joan LaRochelle Hall

Bumpy Bob the Bumble Bee by Judy Kounelis

Bite this Book: the book you read to your dog by Liny Ruhmann

Burnt Cupcakes: A Memoir of Marriage, Motherhood, and Madness by Carrie Cader

Boy Who Stopped Time, The by Michael A Massa

Be Sweet by Faye Ellen Hartzell

Binky Bunny Wants To Know About Bipolar by Kathleen Boros

Binky Bunny and the Psychiatric Briar Patch by Kathleen Boros

Binky Bunny Stands for the Flag by Kathleen Boros

Bravo, Benny by Joanna H. Kraus

Barley B.: A Dog for All Seasons by Betsy Manchester

Best Friends by Mary Parker Donaldson