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Duffy Chronicles: Duffy Finds His Family, The by Barbara Hammond  

Dust Bunny by Sandra Brandon    

Domino, the Inside-out Dalmatian by Patricia A. McGhie-Fay

"Don't Burst My Bubble" A Kastle Hill Gang Series by Twana Lawler

Dream Travelers, The by Robin Scott Bicknell

Dream Door, The:  Journey to the Land of Mer by J.M. Coonan

Duck from Pawcatuck, The by Jo Ann Orlandi

Drops of Rosie by Lisa Sidwell

Dibbers and Doodads by Karon McGaha

Drops of Chopper by Lisa Sidwell

Doo-Dah Day! by Jane S. Woodard

The Day No One Played Together: A Story About Compromise by Donalisa Helsley

Daniel the Daring and His Traveling Circus by Cindy Xie

Do I Have to Go to School Today? by Holli Snyder

Different by Kris Long

Duzy the Lamb: A Wooly Adventure in Color by Sandy Leonard

Daddy's Gone by Millie Richmond

Diamond’s Lucky Penny by Saragine François

Daisy’s Busy Day by Christine Ortiz

Dippy Duck’s Adventures by Barbara A. Beswick

Decision, The by Connie Ferdon

Daddy Monster by Andrew Martineau

Dance With the Butterflies, To by Nancy Schroeder

Dust Bunny Brigade, The by Blair Kluckman

Day When a Tree Spoke to Me, The by Jean Jones

Day Raven Flew, The by Blair Kluckman

Daddy's Dances by Sheila Mroczynski

Dougie and Sammy: The Story of an Unlikely Friendship by Jeffrey Barile

Dorothy's Star by Jane Matyger