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Ralph and His New Friends by Lonnie McKelvey

Riches to Rags by Sandra White  

Ramblin Ats by Kathleen Hoersch

Running in the Desert with Chuck the Camel by Jill S. Hardin

Ryan the Rhyming Rhino by Fozia Ahmed

Red Cat, The by Nancy Fabian

Real True Story of How Peanut Butter is Made, The by Joanne Meier

Ross and the Peach Tree by Jill S. Hardin

Ring of Skeletons by David R. Fernandez and Larry D. Fernandez

Raindrop Rappers Rain Down in New York, The by Janet Davis

Rosalind's Rose Quartz by Paula Parente

Reternity by Neal Wooten

Roo B. Dee and the Lazy Day by Laura Marlowe

Remembering by Victoria Williams-Fisher

Risin' Sun by H.D. Hunter

Riding Grandpa’s Tractor by Sandra Fishel Brandon

Ruby & Rodney Shine On by Cathy Cress Eller

Return of Foggitytree, The by Zachary Tamer

Ranger's Romps: The Adventures of a Ginger Haired Pup by C, J & L Ludtke

Redheaded Ed by Faye Allison Gilbert

Ringo the Elf: Who Couldn’t Keep His Hands to Himself by Shelby DeBause

Real Monsters by Brian Gallagher

Ring In Spring by Heidi Jackson-Houck