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Penny and Rio: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting by Jennifer Swanson

Pick Me by Alicia Freitas    

Peter Pillow by Jon Sniderman     

Personal Toad & Chicken: Toad Meets His Forever-Friend by Jason A. Marzewski

Procrastinating Caterpillar, The by Lyn Pedano

Penny & Rio: The Locked Doghouse Mystery by Jennifer Swanson

Princess Andrea's Birthday Surprise by Ginny Christensen

Prophecy of Twilight Kingdom, The by Deszra Shariff

Path of Light, The: Our Lady of the Moon by Shanna Klutts

Pinewood Derby, The by Cindy V.H. Reynolds

Poor Me by Corey Colombin

Priscilla Pennybrook: Wilderness Girl by Angela Hall

Proving Grounds of Armageddon, The by Mark Childs

Pescadero Creek by Victoria Williams-Fisher

Perfect Game, The: Confessions of a Pac-Man Junkie by Tim Balderramos

Parrot for the Bride, A by Ilene Munetz Pachman

Pippi the Possum by Irma Jacobs Tirro

Proud of You by Brian Johnson

Pizzard, The by Mary Parker Donaldson

Party Animals by Saragine François & Julian François

The Pink Dolphin by Nancy Fabian

PB & J by Christine Reynebeau

Peeve, My Parents' Pet by Tom Ryan

Pierre's Empty Pouch by Theresa Newport Singleton

Prickle of Porcupines, A by Sarah Case Mamika

Patcheeno’s R-R-RUFF RUFF Day by Thérèse “Patch O’ Pits” Weiner

Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal

Pretzel by Kathy MacDonald

Prince Freebie by Diane Barbara Custer