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What Kind of Bean is This Chihuahua? by Tara Jansen-Meyer  

Where's My Hair? by Patti Block

Where is Bear-Bear on Moving Day? by Kim T. Lewis

What I Need by Frances Rudman

Who Ripped the Moon by Tammy Johnson

Water Play the Safe Way: A Parent and Child Guide to Staying Safe in and Around
the Water by Robyne Friedland

Wrenolds of Elm Tree Cottage, The by Joanna Cook

What Sound Does a Giraffe Make? by Frances Rudman

What Makes LunaTick? by Carrie Parker

Witch Who Wished She Wasn't, The by Ray Doty

Winston the Water Dog:  Explorer by Mary Korr

Wolf, a Little Bully, and the Big Mix-up, A by Emma N. Johnson

When Reindeer Fly by Teresa Panjer

What is a Baby by Carolyn Kuykendall

Where is Christmas? by Lana Lowe

Watch and See by L.K. Colyer

While You Were Sleeping by Barbara Hammond

When I Woke up the World Was Yellow by Marcia Mercer

What Do You Want to Be? by Beth Carter

Wedding, Me, and the Family Tree, A by Faye Alison Gilbert

Wrenolds Series: Grandma's Birthday Surprise, The by Joanna Cook

Why Is Mommy So Tired? by Jenny Seiger

Wonder of the White Butterfly, The by Todd J. Barry

Whistler’s Last Song by Adam Herro

Why My Dad? A Story About Military Deployment by Lisa R. Bottorff

Where’s the Ramp? by Lisa Andrea McCarthy

What Should I Be? by Karen Schwaller

Widow Bride. The by Corey Colombin

Wiggly Waggly Worm by Douglas Pearson

William of Arlington by Christopher Wiederkehr

When Shadows Fill Your Room by Andrew Martineau

We're All Alike and Different by Leon Weintraub

Wallace and Roo by Roo Yori and Neal Wooten

What Are You Doing? by Leon Weintraub

Wallace and RooL Wallace's Hidden Talent by Roo Yori and Neal Wooten

Where’d You Hide the Bean? Searching for a Famous Chihuahua by Tara Jansen-

Warrens, The by Victoria Williams-Fisher

Waffle liked Falafel by Carrie Steinweg