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Amina, Princess of Zaria by Nicole Hester Williams

Arthur the Talking Goat by Daisy Cromwell

Adventures of Blackberry and Whiskers: The Dog Food Heist, The by Ray Ferrer

Arthur's Friend, Hazel the Hen by Daisy Cromwell  

Adventures of Zipper and Pockets, the Two Naughty Suitcases, The by Vera Wienski  

Awakening by K. Lippi  

ABC's Go to the Beach, The by Alicia Freitas

Adventures of Ander Pederbo - Book I: The Genie’s Curse, The by Alex Spiezio

Agnes Rose's One Song by Linda Saraco

Adventures of Kitty Wappis, The by Jon Sniderman

A Very Silly Word by Joe Ann Houston

Adventures of Paige and Berry Bear, The by Stephanie Klingler

Ari the Punk Rock Girl: "Be Nice" by Brenda Walls

Alabama Snow by Carolyn Nelems Kuykendall

A Treasure Awaits by Janel Bucci

Addie’s World by Deanna L. Severs

After the Earthquake by Lindasue Flores

Ali's Story of the Old, Broken Birch Tree by Tracy Perkins

Adventures of Izzy and Floyd by Judy Kounelis

Annie's Amethyst by Paula Parente

An Angel Named Carol by John L. Hoh, Jr

Adventures of Paige and Berry Bear, The (hard cover edition) by Stephanie Klingler

Andy the Soldier Ant by Mary Parker Donaldson

ABC’s of the Bushkill Creek by Connie Hynes

An Apple for Dapple by Leah Peterson

Amelia and the Ring of Fairies by Marilyn Proctor

Apple Juice and the Cow by Bill Heiny

Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin: Green Sea Turtles by Jennifer Wallis

Andy Visits Washington, D. C. by Mary Parker Donaldson

Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin: California Sea Lions by Jennifer Wallis

Alphabet According to Starfish, The by Natalie Starfish

Among the Trees With the ABC’s by Maureen Downes

Abbott McAbbott McHumphrey McGee by Samantha Tassoul

Adventures of Violet and Jade: Finding Ella, The by Sharon Cronk-Raby, Violet Rose
Raby, & Jade Olivia Raby

Adventures of Diggitty Dog, The by Susan Keene

Adam's Decision by Lindasue Flores

The Adventures of Captain Allergy and Allergy Man: The Early Days
by Jennifer Hutchison

Astellagus by Sheila Mroczynski

Atlas: The Very Special Therapy Dog by Kathy Benner & CQ Wilder M. ED

Alone in the Dark by Sarah Case Mamika

Anglerfish for Rent by Sarah Fox Andersen

Alligator Afternoon by Nikki Lund

Adventures of Queen Isabella of the Universe and Her Wicked Good Lookin’ Daddy,
The by Joe Lopez

Ashes, the Playful Donkey by Kimberly Robison-Crook

Ant Party by Melanie Hughes