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Carnella Caterpillar: Jeepers Creepers by Cathy Cress Eller

Christmas Secret, The by J.B. Struzzi II

Coaching Matters by Nancy Hughes   

Cat Who Could Tell Time, The by Sally Patton-Hall

Copper Pots and Chicken Poppycosh by Jason Hooker

Cloud Works by Mary DeMoss

Charlie the Stork by Alvaro Colmenares

Come Home Bone by Elizabeth Bonello

Cliff the Climber by Katherine Blanc

Card Auntie's Wonderful Workshop by Sharon Hickey

Charlie la cigüeña by Alvaro Colmenares

Castle Cantleberry: The Magical Fairies by Reita Patterson

Carl the Lizard by Robert Smyth

Cat Tales About the Cat Who Wanted to Fly by Sally Patton-Hall

Confessions of a Coffee Slinger by Corey Colombin

Candle Barnes and Maggie Anderson: Who Knew Maggie Had a Secret
by Christine Mullins Cowden

Christmas Village, The by Jeffrey P. Hice

Christmas Nest, The by Toni Kern

Can You Be Like Me? by Dianna M. Skidmore

Clever Hen, The by Saragine François

Come See Our Backyard: Some Tale Waggin' Adventures by Patricia Hombs-Silhacek

Christmas Moon, A by Barbara A. Beswick

Cowboy Dreams by Mary Parker Donaldson

The Clepto Crow by Brandi Eberhardt

Chuckle - Choo! by Ilene Munetz Pachman

Camille Carries the Mail by Lisa Hodgkins

"Caw, Caw," Says the Crows by Sonya Reynolds

Christmas Kaleidoscope by Larry G. Toft

Chicago Secrets by J. Thomas Ganzer

The Calico Cat by Sarah Case

Chloe the Shoe Cat by Sharon Hickey

Come to My Donkey's Party by Jane Matyger

Charlie's Birthday Wish by Rene Micka

Christmas Tree Tree, The by Sheila Mroczynski

Chosen: The Rise of the Dark Queen by Vanessa Hancock

Cal's Corner by Leslie Erikson Tesch

Chicago Two-Step (Chicago Secrets Vol. II) by J. Thomas Ganzer

Circus, The by Dewey LaRue

Cheerleader's Dream, A by Nancy Fabian

Child's Life in Trees, A by Deanna Scelzo

Candy Cane Rain, The by Marcia A. Coons

Cotton in My Pocket by Jan Faust

Cereus by Amy Carroll Bennett