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Scooter's Crying Eyes by Alycia Wright

Sparkles: The Clown of Many Moods by Vivian Green

Sundays with Papa T: A River Adventure by Tommy Batchelor   

Scooter Learns Spanish by Alycia Wright

Sights I See With My Desert Lemon Tree by Sherry Farmer

Sheltering Place, The by Mark Huff

Saving the Earth With Leftovers by Kathleen Hoersch

Snortle the Anteater by Jay Reber Smith

Seedless, The by Stevie McCoy

Silly Little King, The by Patricia Hanley

Sherman’s Adventures: No Two Cats are Exactly the Same by Erin Birdsall

Sandcastles Last Forever by Donald J. Koterwas

Sherman’s Adventures: Manners Please! by Erin Birdsall

Sherman's Adventures: Choices by Erin Birdsall

Soul Sisters by Kristen Fea-Clark

Seymour's Christmas Wish by Jane Matyger

Sisters of Inishford, The by Jessica Monohan

Sherman’s Adventures:  No Cat is Good At Everything by Erin Birdsall

She Wags Her Tail by Lindsey Poppe

Scoot Scoot Frog in Boots by Jennifer L. Walker

Serinah and the Butterfly by Rhonda Reif, MBA

Since 1959: An Eight Year-old’s Initiation...  by William Boryk

Silly Megan by Shannon Kelly

The Spaghetti Is Missing by Jane Matyger

Sasha and the Magic Pen by Saragine Francois

The Shepherd’s Story by Sandra Fishel Brandon

Sherman’s Adventures:  Sherman’s Super Seven Safety Rules by Erin Birdsall

Special St. Nicholas Day, A by Heidi Lee Jackson-Houck

Someone is Hiding My Socks! by Matthew T. Kneita

Sampson and the Gang from Hound Holler by Marilyn Bishop

Starfish Loves to Read by Natalie Starfish

Ship Ahoy! by Sarah Case Mamika

Stolen Lives by Mary Ellen Lisciandra

Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me by Jared Paul Wilson

Suzy nose/knows homophones! by James E. Gentry, Ed.D. & Rebecca Miller, Ph.D.

Secessionist Christmas Carol, A by Greg Starnes

Shelby's Unbirthday by Natalie Starfish

Soul Dancing With the Brass Band by Vicki Renfro

Santa's Secret by Beth Carter

Smoochy Dog Earns a Badge by Mark Siegrist

Sofia's Magic Globe by Mimi Tsige Veshi

Sweet and Sour Power (The Witches of Danarobbeth) by Faye Alison Gilbert

Story of the Snugglefink, The by Zachary Tamer

She Is Still My Mom! Different But Not Disabled by Lisa R. Bottorff

Simply Me by Chantal Beerntsen

Shining Sea Bikeway by Cindy V.H. Reynolds

Snuffles Gets a Bath by Jimmey Ewing

Scruffy McDuffy by Sarah Case Mamika

Serial K by Brian Gallagher

Sour Power by Beth Carter

Stormy Stormy Night by Karen Lee

Sparkles and Guns by Vivian Greene

Serial K Returns by Brian Gallagher

Snow Ice Cream by Emi Broughton

Sleep, Sleep, Wonderful Sleep by Karen Lee

Storyteller, The by Richard Rayborn

Super Siblings: Our Story of Sensory Sensitivity by Ashley Wroton, Ed.S., LPC, RPT

Safe at School: A Lockdown Lesson by Sara Willocks

Santa's Secret by Jaclyn Mongelluzzo

Simon the Weenie Dog by G. L. Bowman

Simon the Weenie Dog: First Snow Day by G. L. Bowman

So Many Ways To Say I Love You by Carrie Steinweg