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Mother Mouse by Darcie Mae

Majesty and the Dragon's Throne by D.W. Murray   

My Name Is by Kayla Elizabeth Falcone   

Mother Mouse: Book 2 by Darcie Mae

Miss Ronda by Melissa Schaschwary

Magic of Old Man Pouring Rain, The by Janet Davis

Miss Susan's Leaves by Carol Gladstone

Mother Mouse Tells Mice Kids A Thanksgiving Story by Darcie Mae

Mom and Sweet Ali by Tracy Perkins

Moo-Ve Over for Poetry by Angela Hall

Meet "Mr. Greenbot" by Betty Schnobel

Miss Debbie and the Thanksgiving Song by Julie Ann Sanchez

My Day With Daddy by Michael Fulbright

Mother Mouse Tells Kids Her Special Christmas Story by Darcie Mae

Margaret, Pirate Queen by Marsha S. Tennant with Dub Sutton

My Cool Grandparents are Ancient! by James E. Gentry, Ed.D.

My Forever Family and Me by Amy Parker

Mazy Lazy by Oriona Dolese

Miss Susan's Ducks by Carol Gladstone

Madelyn Butterfly and Emma Cricket Wing It by Cathy Cress Eller

Max and His Playmates Face a Bully by Gordon Day & Diana Harkai

Mommy and Me Doggie Wash by Tenisha Edwards

Manneranimals by Virginia Monaghan

My Dog Eats Peas by Tonya Neumeister

Mommy and Me Let Insects Free by Rebecca Fronzaglio

Mary Eliza by Mary Parker Donaldson

Magic in the Moonlight by Robert Richardson

Mr. Shoelace and the Ice Skate Adventure by Jeff Hensiek

Misadventures of Mel B, The by David Villanueva Jr.

Missing Key, The by Beth Carter

Man of Power by Leslie Eriksen Tesch

Mushy Red Stuff by Faye Alison Gilbert

Malcolm Johns and the Knowledge Tree School of Exquisite Learning by Archie L.

Mia’s Flower Garden by Iman Gilliam-Jerry

Mari and Sheila by Meagan Roppo

Mommy, Why’s Your Skin So Brown? by Maria Leonard Olsen

May I Have a Dog? by Millie Richmond

My Warp Speed Mind by Donalisa Helsley

Mrs. Kisses by Meghan Fanning

My Hot Air Balloon by Karen Carr

Miss Purple Flurple by Kristin Lowenberg Olsen

Misfits at the Zoo by Katie Folsom

Mandy the Mischievous Elf by Dale Grizzle

Mystery at Burr Oak: A Dog Named Wang by Karen Carr

Milo: The Guardian of Egg Rock by Daniel A. deStefano

My Trip Around the World by Dewey LaRue

Mum & Dad Go on Holiday by Katie Maichrye

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, Or Does It? by Barbara Even Streif

Margaret and the Diamond Key Mystery by Marsha S. Tennant

Mommy, I Wish My Hair Was Yellow by Anne Thomas

Molly on the Move by Barbara Even Streif

The Maybe Magnificent Day by Rhonda Berryhill-Castaneda

Morning with Princess Saige and Mrs. Sun, A by Kavon Williams

Mia: The Class Ambassador by Iman Gilliam-Jerry